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This Research Center of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology was founded towards training professionals in primary biotechnology for the industry, and also for building connections with the industry for career opportunities. Owing to proper integration of resources and talents and investments, in a couple of years, we have already established a strong foundation in the biotech fields. Since 1993, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education, created the Research Center of Biotechnology, which is run by the school's R&D experts and which is equipped with approximately one hundred million dollars' worth of analytical instruments and quantitative facilities. Focusing on R&D of Medical Fungi Health Foods, in order to develop key-technology platform, it provides the industry with information consulting and experience sharing channels that turn our school into the optimal technology support unit in the industry. As bio-technology requires a constantly increasing capital and technology-intensive industrial environment, from the past experiences biotech companies normally require huge capital initially for productive facility investment and tend to fail at the end for not being able to profit from it. Our Research Center of Biotechnology offers excellent talent-training platform that supplies manufacturers’ biotech products development, quantitative manufacturing test, analysis inspection service, and assists manufacturers with applying government’s relevant resources projects. For biotech companies at the beginning stage this will largely decrease operational and R&D costs; furthermore, it greatly increases the survival rate of bio-tech companies. At the current period, government has performed relevant industry-government-school mutually cooperative projects funded in excess of 1.3 billion dollars and has helped over 30 companies with product development, company establishment consulting, and continuous refining skills for each key platform.