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I. Organizational Operation:

1. Merge inter-fields R&D group and assist manufacturers’ with applying for relevant projects for each branch of government. Establish key technology and promote tighter binds of industry, government, and school.

2. Progressively execute Industry-School Corporation; understanding the service industry.

3. Assisting Ministry of Education Professionals Training Projects, setting up professional training courses, and fulfilling industrials demands towards talents requirement.


II. Human Resources

1. Utilize graduate students professionally and actively participate in industry-school corporation projects.

2. Combine industry, school, and top-tier; realizing technology exploitation and talent training.


III. Technology Development

1. Developing mushroom-based Health Foods.

2. Evaluate product functionality based with cell lines and animal experiments; elevating national health foods technology levels; and aiming for health food certification.

3. Investigate future potential for bio-plant protective preparation (bio-chemicals).